RF Reece Lab received 2021 Rowland Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow and Undergraduate Program Award

October 19, 2020

The Rowland Foundation has awarded the Reece Lab and Eric High, Postdoctoral Fellow, $100,000 for one year to continue the "Rowland Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow and Undergraduate Program" that provides mentoring and supervisory experience for a Postdoctoral Fellow and hands-on research experience for an undergraduate research student working with the Postdoctoral Fellow. 

The project will center around developing flexible instrumentation capable of both steady-state and transient investigations of reactions in heterogeneous catalysis. They will use the oxidation of carbon monoxide on platinum group metals as a model system for this work due to its significance in automotive catalysis and fuel cell technology. The goal of this project is to increase the accessibility of high-level kinetic research at industrially relevant conditions to a broader group of researchers.
Eric High, Ph.D., joined the Reece lab in February 2020 after completing his Ph.D. in Prof. Art Utz’s lab at Tufts University.