Former Director of Rowland, Professor. Cynthia M. Friend named Incoming President of The Kavli Foundation

January 4, 2021
Dr. Cynthia Friend

Professor Cynthia M. Friend, former Director of the Rowland Institute, has been named Incoming President of The Kavli Foundation starting in 2021.

Professor Friend served as the Director of Rowland from 2013 - 2019. During her term at the Rowland Institute at Harvard, Professor Friend supported the research and careers of the excellent early career Rowland Fellows at the Rowland Institute, thirteen of whom became alumni and moved onto successful careers in academia, industry, and the government, both in the US and internationally. Through her mentorship and guidence, the Rowland Fellowship furthered the vision of Dr. Edwin H. Land in the pursuit of excellence in scientific research.

Dr. Friend assumes her post at The Kavli Foundation January 1, 2021. The Kavli Foundation, founded in 2000 by Fred Kavli, is dedicated to "advancing science for the benefit of humanity, promoting public understanding of science research, and supporting scientists and their work."