Congreve Lab receives 2018 Rowland Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow and Undergraduate Program Award.

February 7, 2018
Mahesh Gangishetty and AbdelJaleel Ismail

The Rowland Foundation has awarded the Rowland Institute at Harvard $100,000 for one year to create a program that will provide mentoring and supervisory experience for a postdoctoral fellow and hands-on research experience for an undergraduate research student working with the postdoctoral fellow. 

The initial project will focus on the synthesis of bright and efficient materials for solar cells and LEDs. The Congreve Lab has recently built efficient blue LEDs using nanocrystals of a material called perovskites. However, there is a significant room to further improve the efficiency of these materials for both LED and solar applications.  The initial focus of the project is to investigate the possible sources of energy losses and improve the quality of the materials by manipulating processing conditions. The undergraduate researcher will design and build high quality perovskite layers, and eventually translate them into efficient devices. The student will be supervised by Dr. Mahesh Gangishetty to build efficient LEDs and solar cells and to publish the results.


Mahesh Gangishetty, Rowland Foundation Research Scholar, joined Dr. Congreve's lab in January 2017, after finishing his Ph.D. at University of Saskatchewan. He is interested in excitonic science and applications. His research focuses on the properties of excitonic materials for light harvesting applications.

Abdeljaleel Ismail is a freshman at Harvard University studying Biomedical Engineering and English. He is from Marietta, Ohio, where he was the Editor in Chief of the Original Paper and Team Captain of the Varsity Crew team. His current interests include writing and poetry, film, and working at the Harvard Crimson.