Our Facility

The Rowland Institute at Harvard is located in a 110,000 square-foot building located on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the midst of a number of prestigious colleges, universities and medical schools.

The facility boasts a fabrication clean-room, a tissue...

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Oxides Group Publications

Journal Publications

      • High pressure synthesis of SmNiO3 thin films and implications for thermodynamics of the nickelates, R. Jaramillo, F. Schoofs, S. D. Ha and S. Ramanathan, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 1, 2455 (2013)
      • Thermal tuning of mid-infrared plasmonic antenna arrays using a phase change material, M. A. Kats, R. Blanchard, P. Genevet, Z. Yang, M. M. Qazilbash, D. N. Basov, S. Ramanathan and F. Capasso, Optics Letters, 38, 368 (2013)
      • Space charge polarization induced memory in SmNiO3 /...
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Oxides Research Group

Research in our group is primarily focused on oxide thin films and nanostructures with emphasis on understanding how processing affects properties. Research activities include developing mechanistic understanding of initial stages of oxidation of metals and oxygen incorporation into oxides under photon irradiation. Phase evolution in oxides and their stability as a function of temperature and doping is investigated using combination of structural, electrical and electrochemical studies. Quantitative determination of oxygen concentration in nanoscale oxides and research on...

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Research Infrastructure

The following Institute support resources are central to Rowland's ability to maintain a dynamic research environment.

  • Machine and Model Shop - The Rowland shop offers fabrication of one-of-a-kind instruments and components. The shop includes two numerically-controlled milling machines, two lathes and various brakes, grinding machines, and all that is necessary to fulfill the most complex research requirements. A welding facility provides...
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Rowland Fellows Program


The Rowland Institute at Harvard seeks the best young experimentalists in all fields of science and engineering. The Rowland Fellowship provides an opportunity to establish an independent program in the rich intellectual environment in Cambridge. Candidates will have newly awarded doctorates or up to one year postdoctoral experience.

Edwin Land founded the Rowland Institute of Science in 1982 to foster high-risk, creative research. In 2002, we became the Rowland Institute at Harvard...

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Rowland Senior Fellows

The Rowland Senior Fellows are scientists who joined the institute at its inception under the leadership of Edwin H. Land, passing to Philip DuBois prior to merging of the Rowland Institute with Harvard University. Their primary emphasis has been devoted to studies in experimental science.   Joel Parks is a physicist concentrating on studies of the structural dynamics of gas-phase species including small metal clusters and biomolecules.

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