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Professor Andrew Murray—January 2020

Professor Andrew Murray

Welcome to the Rowland Institute, the brainchild of Edwin Land, whose goal is to support and encourage the Rowland Fellows, a collection of extraordinary young scientists whose goal is to use experimental science to create knowledge and transform the world. Our current fellows work on subjects that range from engineering the biological circuits that control muscle movements to developing materials that can catalyze the production of chemicals and fuels or allow ships to glide more efficiently through the ocean.

Two new Fellows will shortly be joining us. Sasha Rayshubskiy will watch the neurons of fruit flies traversing a virtual world to try and understand how you can either take a five mile run or kick a soccer ball around with friends but avoid trying to do both things at the same time.

Ismail El Baggari will use electron microscopy to look at novel materials, following the location of many individual atoms as a way of monitoring quantum effects that alter the behavior of many atoms at once and could form the basis of the next generation of electronic devices.

I am delighted to welcome Sasha and Ismail to the community of Rowland Fellows and I encourage you to read more about the work of all the Fellows and news about their research and accomplishments elsewhere on our website.

You too can be a Rowland Fellow! We will soon be announcing the call for applications for our next round of Fellows, whose selection will occur in Fall 2020.

Andrew Murray

Director, Rowland Institute at Harvard


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