Research Infrastructure

The following Institute support resources are central to Rowland's ability to maintain a dynamic research environment.

  • Machine and Model Shop - The Rowland shop offers fabrication of one-of-a-kind instruments and components. The shop includes two numerically-controlled milling machines, two lathes and various brakes, grinding machines, and all that is necessary to fulfill the most complex research requirements. A welding facility provides the capability to rapidly fabricate ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) components.


  • Electronics Engineering Laboratory - Winfield Hill directs the Electronics Engineering Lab, which has three members and designs and fabricates custom instruments to advance mankind's progress in science. Over 400 separate designs have been produced in the past 12 years.


  • Computation and Information Technology - As well as the usual email, VPN, and file-storage services, the Rowland Institute offers personal assistance with all theoretical or practical problems related to computing, modelling, mathematics, and statistics. To help with common computing tasks, the Institute has site licenses for LABView and AutoCAD (in addition to the numerous programs licensed by Harvard or FAS).
  • Our Facility - Laboratories and shared facilities are built as needed for the current research projects.