Photochemistry and Photobiology

Our group focuses on discovering and understanding fundamental relationships between molecular structure and photophysical behavior. Because of their remarkable versatility, we are particularly interested in establishing these correlations for archetype donor-acceptor dyes and their analogs. We use these findings to develop improved chromophores for use in biophysical, biological and medical applications such as single molecule detection, fluorescent reporting and photodynamic therapy. Our approach encompasses nearly every aspect that is essential to such an undertaking including computer-aided design, chemical synthesis, photophysical characterization and in-vivo application of the resulting dyes.

Over the years post doctoral fellows and other scientists have contributed to the our labs endeavors. Please see our group pages for a listing of these fellows.  We have participated in collaborative research with many outstanding intramural and extramural colleagues. We particularly enjoy sharing our expertise and knowledge of dye chemistry with researchers inexperienced in that field.