Oxides Research Group

Research in our group is primarily focused on oxide thin films and nanostructures with emphasis on understanding how processing affects properties. Research activities include developing mechanistic understanding of initial stages of oxidation of metals and oxygen incorporation into oxides under photon irradiation. Phase evolution in oxides and their stability as a function of temperature and doping is investigated using combination of structural, electrical and electrochemical studies. Quantitative determination of oxygen concentration in nanoscale oxides and research on techniques to precisely control oxygen stoichiometry at interfaces are also being actively pursued. Potential applications of our research include electronic devices, solar and hydrogen energy conversion, sensors.

Some on-going projects include:

      Mechanistic understanding of role of electric fields in initial oxidation kinetics of metals and alloys

      Size effects on ion conduction mechanisms in fluorite oxides

      Phase transition mechanisms in rutile oxides and their active tuning

      Precise measurements of oxygen concentration and migration kinetics at oxide hetero-interfaces

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