Michael Burns

Burns Lab

Michael Burns

Associate Director for Science
Rowland Institute at Harvard
Harvard University
100 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA 02142
Tel: 617-497-4698
Fax: 617-497-4627
Email: burns@rowland.harvard.edu
Website: Burns Lab

Over the years I've participated in a number of, to me, fascinating projects, most of them at the Rowland Institute. I have found no particular common thread other than simple curiosity coupled with an opportunity to indulge that curiosity. Some of the more interesting ones are described below.

Selected Publications

  • Gaku Nagashima, Edlyn V. Levine, David P. Hoogerheide, Michael M Burns and Jene Golovchenko, “ Superheating and Homogeneous Single Bubble Nucleation in a solid-State Nanopore. Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 024506 (2014).

  • X. Xing, R.M. Danell, I.G. Garzon, K. Michaelian, M.N. Blom, M.M. Burns, J.H. Parks, “Size-dependent fivefold and icosahedral symmetry in silver clusters”. Phys. Rev. B 72, 081405 (2005).

  • Yi, W; MoberlyChan W; Narayanamurti V; Hu Y F; Li Q; Kaya I; Burns M; Chen DM, “Characterization of spinel iron-oxide nanocrystals grown on Fe whiskers”, Journal of Applied Physics95, 7136-7138 (2004).

  • Bates, M.; Burns, M.M.; Meller A., “Dynamics of DNA molecules in a membrane channel probed by active control techniques”, Biophys. J. 84, 2366-2372 (2003).

  • Hau, L.V.; Busch, B.D.; Liu, C.; Dutton, Z.; Burns, M.M.; Golovchenko, J.A., “Near Resonant Spatial Images of Confined Bose-Einstein Condensates in the '4D' Magnetic Bottle”, Phys. Rev. A58, R54, (1998).

  • Hau, L.V.; Busch, B.D.; Lui, C.; Burns, M.M.; Golovchenko, J.A., “Cold atoms and creation of new states of matter: Bose-Einstein condensates, Kapitza states, and '2d magnetic hydrogen atoms', ” accepted for publication in Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions (Invited papers of the 20th International Conference of Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICEAC), July 23-29, 1997, Vienna, Austria) (World Scientific, 1998).

  • Hau, L.V.; Burns, M.M.; Golovchenko, J.A., “Bound States of Guided Matter Waves: An Atom and a Charged Wire,” Phys. Rev. A.45, 6468-6478, (1992).

  • Burns, M.M.; Fournier, J.-M.; Golovchenko, J.A., “Optical Matter: Crystallization and Binding in Intense Optical Fields,” Science249, 749-754, (1990).

  • Burns, M.M.; Fournier, J.-M.; Golovchenko, J.A., “Optical Binding,” Phys. Rev. Lett.63, 1233-1236, (1989).

  • Land, E.H.; Hubel, D.H.; Livingstone, M.S.; Perry, S.H.; Burns, M.M., “Colour-Generating Interactions Across the Corpus Callosum,” Nature303, 616-618, (1983).