Frequently Asked Questions

1. (Q) When is the deadline for applications?

(A) The deadline for the 2022 Rowland Fellowship is August 20, 2021 at 11:59PM EST.

2. (Q) What determines eligibility?

(A) The typical new appointee will have just completed a Ph.D. or have up to three years postdoctoral experience. Their proposed research must be experimentally focused in any field of science or engineering.

3. (Q) I'm not expecting to get my Ph.D. until May of next year - am I still eligible ?

(A) Yes – You need to have your Ph.D. by the time you come to Rowland, but it is very common that applicants do not yet actually have their Ph.D. at the time of the selection process.

4. (Q) Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

(A) No – non U.S. citizens are eligible for appointment as Rowland Fellows. Visa requirements, of course, must be met.

5. (Q) Do I have to be at a U.S. institution or does my Ph.D. have to be from a U.S. institution?

(A) No, the Ph.D. can be from any accredited academic institution.

6. (Q) I would like to submit my application electronically - may I?

(A) Yes, in fact you must. Please follow the link to apply online: .

7. (Q) May my letters of recommendation be sent electronically?

(A) Applicants will list three referees in the on-line application page, to whom separate emails will be sent outlining instructions to upload their letters of recommendation.

8. (Q) My field is X, but looking at your current fellows I don't see anyone in X. Does that mean you don't consider applicants in X?

(A) The program accepts applications from such a broad range of fields that the current sampling of 8 or 10 Fellows cannot possibly cover them all. The choices of our current Fellows is based on the best proposed science at their submission time. If a new proposal meets that criterion then X may very well be the next field a Fellow is chosen from.

9. (Q) When is the selection decision made?

(A) Selection decisions are made approximately two weeks after the finalists' presentations and interviews in late September/early October.

10. (Q) I currently have a position at Y and would like to apply for a Fellowship to support my work there - is this possible?

(A) No –a Rowland Fellow is expected to be resident at the Institute doing their research here during their fellowship tenure.

11. (Q) I just found out about the RF program, but it's now after the deadline for submissions - will the program be available next year?

(A) Yes – our intention is that the Rowland Fellowship program will extend into the indefinite future. The details, such as the submission deadline, may change a little bit, but on the whole next year's requirements and process should be similar to this year's.