Our Facility

The Rowland Institute at Harvard is located in a 110,000 square-foot building located on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the midst of a number of prestigious colleges, universities and medical schools.

The facility boasts a fabrication clean-room, a tissue culture room, a greenhouse with additional plant growth chambers, scanning and transmission electron microscopes, laboratories, a private library, an on-site machine shop, as well as an electronics engineering laboratory, to support the research. Our resources allow scientists to pursue uniquely important scientific questions on a time scale suited to differ from the norm in other research settings.


Our facilities manager, Scott Bevis, works with each new Junior Fellow to design a laboratory suited to their experimental needs. As well as working with construction specialists, the Institute's Wood and Carpentry Shop assists in customizing laboratory spaces.

Scott Bevis

Rowland Facilities Manager

Scott Bevis
Rowland Institute at Harvard
Harvard University
100 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA 02142
Tel: 617-497-4701/4702
Fax: 617-497-4627
Email: bevis@rowland.harvard.edu