Shriram Ramanathan

Oxides Research Group

Principal Investigator
Rowland Institute at Harvard
Harvard University
100 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA 02142
Tel: 617-497-4745
Fax: 617-497-4627
Rowland Website: Oxides Research Group 
SEAS Website: Shriram Ramanathan 

We study oxide materials science with emphasis on elucidating structure-property relations and exploratory solid state devices. Problems of interest center around controlled synthesis of oxide thin films; investigating effects of microstructure, interfaces and point defects in determining functional properties involving electronic and ionic transport.

Selected Publications

  • Active low temperature oxidation as a route to minimize electrode-oxide interface reactions in nanoscale capacitors, A. Podpirka, B. Viswanath and S. Ramanathan, Journal of Applied Physics, in press, 2010

  • Three-terminal field effect devices utilizing thin film vanadium oxide as the channel layer, D. Ruzmetov, G. Gopalakrishnan, C. Ko, V. Naryanamurti and S. Ramanathan, Journal of Applied Physics, 114516 (2010)

  • On the role of ultra-thin oxide cathode synthesis on the functionality of micro-solid oxide fuel cells: Structure, stress engineering and in-situ observation of fuel cell membranes during operation, B.K. Lai, K. Kerman and S. Ramanathan, Journal of Power Sources, 195, 5185 (2010)

  • Nanoscale imaging and control of resistance switching in VO2 at room temperature, J. Kim, C. Ko, A. Franzel, S. Ramanathan and J.E. Hoffman, Applied Physics Letters, 96, 213106 (2010) (also selected for publication in Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, June 7, 2010 issue)

  • Compositional tuning of ultra-thin surface oxides on metal and alloy substrates using photons: dynamic simulations and experiments, C.L. Chang, S.K.R.S. Sankaranarayanan, D. Ruzmetov, E. Kaxiras and S. Ramanathan, Physical Review B, 81, 085406 (2010)

  • Thermal conductivity and dynamic heat capacity across the metal-insulator transition in thin film VO2, D. Oh, C. Ko, S. Ramanathan and D.G. Cahill, Applied Physics Letters, 96, 151906, 2010