Frans Spaepen

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Frans Spaepen is a materials scientist whose research interests span a wide range of experimental and theoretical topics, such as amorphous metals and semiconductors (viscosity, diffusion, mechanical properties), the structure and thermodynamics of interfaces (crystal/melt, amorphous/crystalline semiconductors, grain boundaries), mechanical properties of thin films, the perfection of silicon crystals for metrological applications, and colloidal systems as models for the study of dynamics and defects in crystals and glasses.

Selected recent publications

  • P. Schall, D.A. Weitz and F. Spaepen, "Structural rearrangements that govern flow in colloidal glasses",Science 318: 1895-1899 (2007).

  • C.-Y. Wen and F. Spaepen, "In-situ electron microscopy of the phases of Cu3Si", Philosophical Magazine 87: 5581-5599 (2007).

  • P. Schall, I. Cohen. D.A. Weitz and F. Spaepen, "Visualising dislocation nucleation by indenting colloidal crystals", Nature 440: 319-323 (2006).

  • F. Spaepen, "Homogeneous flow in metallic glasses: a free volume perspective", Scripta Materialia54, 363-367 (2006).

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