Electronics Engineering Laboratory

Winfield Hill is Director of Electronics Engineering at the Rowland Institute. He directs the Electronics Engineering Laboratory, which consists of three full-time people plus student employees. 

The Laboratory is fully appointed with three instrumentation benches (including one for use by other Institute members), an extensive suite of electronic test and measurement instrumentation, and a substantial inventory of electronic parts, e.g., including about 850 different types of ICs. 

The Electronics Engineering Lab designs and fabricates most of the critical electronic instrumentation found throughout the Institute. Over 500 separate designs have been produced in the past 12 years. The electronic controls for both the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and Ion Trap experiments are examples of the Lab's unique instrumentation, providing capabilities not available elsewhere. Lena Hau's well-known Bose-Einstein condensation experiments, including slowing and stopping light for 10 microseconds, were performed here at the Rowland Institute in her Atom-Cooling Laboratory, located directly below our lab. Her successful experiments utilized about 80 instruments, comprising over 65 separate designs, specially created by the Electronics Engineering group.

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