Diane Schaak

Senior Researcher Phys./Med./Basc. Science

Rowland Institute at Harvard
Harvard University
100 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA 02142
Tel: 617-497-4666
Fax: 617-497-4627
Email: schaak@rowland.harvard.edu
Website: Biophysical Sciences 

A major goal as scientific advisor here at the Rowland, is to be available for mentoring and assisting scientists not experienced in laboratory methodologies to become accomplished laboratory experimentalists.  These interactions often involve conceptualization of design, and execution of experimental research projects that are scientifically relevant.

To help accomplish these goals, a variety of laboratory equipment is available for scientific pursuits here at the Rowland.  These include general wet chemistry workspace for both chemistries and biology experiments, a clean room for microfluidic design and fabrication, a green house, and a cell culture room.  Onsite equipment includes centrifuges, microscopies, mass spec, HPLC, NMR, and Electron Microscope facilities.

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