Dean Christopher Stubbs—July 24, 2019

Dean Christopher Stubbs—July 24, 2019

photo of Dean Christopher Stubbs sitting at a desk

As Acting Director of the Rowland Institute, it is my pleasure to work with our diverse and creative Rowland Fellows. These scholars are exploring the endless bounds of scientific inquiry with the Institute’s support and collaboration with the scientific staff. The Institute welcomes new Fellows each year and we invite you to learn more about our current Rowland Fellows and their innovative experimental research. We have also welcomed two new Fellows to the Institute in July 2019 following last Fall’s recruitment cycle (our next application cycle will close Aug 16, 2019). The new Fellows will bring exciting research programs aimed at important problems in fluid mechanics and in materials science.

Shabnam Raayai Ardakani from MIT whose thesis on geometry mediated drag reduction won the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics Acrivos Dissertation Prize. At the Rowland, she will continue to investigate surfaces and methods of reducing fluid drag.

Christian Reece recently finished a postdoc in materials science at Harvard and he will attempt to formulate a new paradigm for catalysis by design.

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome the “Class of 2019”. The strength and success of the Rowland Institute is a reflection of our wonderful Fellows and we encourage interested scientists to learn more about the work we do here. Please watch for highlights of our Fellows and of the scientific staff on our website over the next few months.

We look forward to the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year, as we continue the work of founder, Dr. Edwin H. Land, who built the Rowland Institute as a powerful instrument for scientific advancement.

Christopher Stubbs

Acting Director


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