Cynthia Friend Nov 3, 2015

Cynthia Friend—Nov 3, 2015

Director Cynthia Friend


As Director of the Rowland Institute, I am privileged to work with some of the most creative minds in emerging scientific disciplines.  We are proud to support the careers of the excellent early career scientists at the Rowland Institute and we look forward to welcoming new creative Fellows each year.  Our next application cycle will close Aug 19, 2016.

Besides the extremely successful programs of our current Rowland Junior Fellows, we are fortunate to welcome four new Junior Fellows to the Institute in 2016 following our Fall recruitment cycle.  The new Fellows will bring exciting research programs aimed at important problems in physics, materials science, chemistry and biology.

Katja Taute, from the FOM Institute in the Netherlands, has invented a microscope for tracking motile bacteria in 3-D.  At the Rowland, she will further develop this new device to study constraints and optimality of bacterial motility strategies.

Haotian Wang, a material scientist from Stanford University, will be joining us in the spring of 2016 with the goal of developing highly efficient electrocatalysts for renewable energy applications.  Haotian has already had a major impact on the design and synthesis of new layered materials for electrochemical processes for production of hydrogen evolution.

Daniel Congreve joins us from our neighbor, MIT, where he has demonstrated how the efficiency of organic photovoltaic devices can be boosted by clever design.  Dan plans to design and build photovoltaic devices using hybrid inorganic/organic materials in his work at the Rowland Institute to create unique energy devices.

Ye Tao, will be coming to the Rowland from the ETH Physics department in Switzerland.  His objective is to build a highly sensitive and noninvasive magnetic imaging method with broad applicability to materials science and biology. 

The scientific richness and fertility of our Fellowship program results directly from the exceptional qualities and uniqueness of its Fellows.  Please watch for highlights of the work of our Fellows and of the scientific staff on our website over the next few months. It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome and look forward to the deepened potential for collaborations and discovery that the “Class of 2016” brings to the already fantastic group of Rowland Fellows.  Our founder, Dr. Edwin H. Land, who built the Rowland Institute as a powerful instrument for scientific advancement would undoubtedly be impressed.


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