Computation and IT

General Computation

As well as the usual email, VPN, and file-storage services, the Rowland Institute offers personal assistance with all theoretical or practical problems related to computing, modelling, mathematics, and statistics. To help with common computing tasks, the Institute has site licenses for LABView and AutoCAD (in addition to the numerous programs licensed by Harvard or FAS).

Rowland NMR Toolkit

The Rowland NMR Toolkit (RNMRTK) is a software package for processing multidimensional NMR data and a platform for the facile implementation of novel NMR data processing methods. In addition to efficient and robust algorithms for traditional signal processing methods such as linear prediction extrapolation and discrete Fourier transformation, RNMRTK implements a very powerful and general algorithm for computing maximum entropy (MaxEnt) reconstruction, which is especially useful for processing non-uniformly sampled NMR data. RNMRTK provides rudimentary tools for analyzing and displaying spectra, but is best used in conjunction with more powerful and general-purpose analysis software. RNMRTK interoperates with nmrPipe, nmrDraw, XEASY, Sparky, NMRview, and other NMR software packages. .

Video conferencing

The Rowland Institute offers two video-conferencing setups, both using standard communications protocols. One has a 15-inch screen and is suitable for a single person or a small group. The other has dual 42-inch screens, providing the ability to display digital content on one screen along with a large group or roomful of people on the other screen.