Alan Stern

Computation and IT

Staff Computational Scientist
Rowland Institute at Harvard
Harvard University
100 Edwin H. Land Blvd.
Cambridge, MA 02142
Tel: 617-497-4684
Fax: 617-497-4627
Website:Computation and IT 

As well as the usual email, VPN, and file-storage services, the Rowland Institute offers personal assistance with all theoretical or practical problems related to computing, modelling, mathematics, and statistics. To help with common computing tasks, the Institute has site licenses for LABView and AutoCAD (in addition to the numerous programs licensed by Harvard or FAS).

Selected Publications

  • Shimba N, Kovacs H, Stern AS, Nomura AM, Shimada I, Hoch JC, Craik CS, Dotsch V. "Optimization of (13)C direct detection NMR methods." J Biomol NMR, 30, 175-179 (2004)
  • Rovnyak D, Hoch JC, Stern AS, Wagner G. "Resolution and sensitivity of high field nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy." J Biomol NMR, 30, 1-10 (2004)
  • Rovnyak D, Frueh DP, Sastry M, Sun ZY, Stern AS, Hoch JC, Wagner G. "Accelerated acquisition of high resolution triple-resonance spectra using non-uniform sampling and maximum entropy reconstruction." J Magn Res, 170, 15-21 (2004)
  • Connolly PJ, Stern AS, Turner CJ, Hoch JC "Molecular dynamics of the long neurotoxin LSIII", Biochemistry, 42, 14443-51 (2003)
  • Shimba N, Stern AS, Craik CS, Hoch JC, Dotsch V. "Elimination of 13Calpha splitting in protein NMR spectra by deconvolution with maximum entropy reconstruction" J Am Chem Soc., 125 2382-3 (2003)

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