The Rowland Fellowship Program was established to fund young scholars who will perform ground-breaking research program in their chosen field. Rowland Fellows are selected from all areas of experimental science and engineering.  The Fellowship funds independent research for up to five years. Apply at Rowland Fellowship Program


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With RF Mackenzie Weygant Mathis - - Adaptive Motor Control Laboratory

With RF Robert Brucker  - Brucker Lab - Host-Microbe Toxicity Group.

With RF Drew Robson and RF Jennifer LiRo Li Lab  - Neuroscience 

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Brucker Lab Awarded 2017 Milton Fund

Brucker Lab Awarded 2017 Milton Fund

June 2, 2017
The Brucker lab has been awarded this year’s Milton Fund to study the impact of agrochemicals on honeybee microbiomes. This work will bring a better understanding to the the function of the millions of bacteria that live in animals guts and their ability to detoxify xenobiotic chemicals. Local beekeeping organizations have volunteered to participate in this study of microbiomes in their hives to better understand bee health. For more information contact Dr. Robert Brucker at
Rowland Institute Visiting Distinguished  Scholar - Professor Markus Meister

Rowland Institute Visiting Distinguished Scholar - Professor Markus Meister

April 28, 2017

Professor Markus Meister, Ann P. and Benjamin F. Biaggini Professor of Biological Sciences; Executive Officer for Neurobiology from Caltech's Division of Biology and Biological Engineering is visiting the Rowland Institute at Harvard as the Visiting Distingushed Scholar, from May 1st through May 5th, 2017. Professor Meister will be giving a presentation "Neural computation for vision", on Wednesday, May 3rd at 11AM in the Rowland Institute Auditorium. R.S.V.P.