The Rowland Junior Fellowship Program was established to fund young scholars who will perform ground-breaking research program in their chosen field.  Rowland Junior Fellows are selected from all areas of experimental science and engineering.  The Fellowship funds independent research for up to five years. Apply at Rowland Junior Fellowship Program

Congratulations 2016 Rowland Fellows!

This year we are pleased to welcome -

Haotian Wang  "Developing Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts for Renewable Energy Applications" is from Stanford University, Stanford, CA.   

Katja Taute  "Optimality and Constraints of Bacterial Motility Strategies" is from FOM Institute, AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Daniel Congreve  "Manipulation of Excitonic Energy in Devices" is from MIT, Cambridge, MA.

Ye Tao  " '3D-AFM' for Heterogenous Materials" is  from ETH Physics, Zurich, Switzerland.

Latest News

RJF Qimin Quan and Reseach Fellow Feng Liang's Nano Letters Publication

June 14, 2016

Direct tracking of amyloid and Tau dynamics in neuroblastoma cells using nanoplasmonic fiber tip probes

RJF Qimin Quan and Research Fellow Feng Liang in collaboration with Zhongcong Xie's MGH research group advance the efforts against Alzheimers with their break-through measurements of proteins within living cells. See MGH press release.