Dr. Edwin Land founded the Rowland Institute to foster high-risk creative research.  The Rowland Junior Fellowship Program was established to fund young scholars with the potential to establish a ground-breaking research program in their chosen field.  Rowland Junior Fellows are selected to perform independent experimental research for five years, with full institutional support and access to the Institute's outstanding technical and scientific resources. We appoint on average two new Rowland Junior Fellows per year. We seek the best young experimentalists in all areas of science and engineering.  This year research projects in energy science and neuroscience, broadly defined, are of particular interest. To learn more about applying see: Rowland Junior Fellowship Program

SPOTLIGHT ON: RJF Alvaro Sanchez.

Our main mission is to develop a quantitative understanding of microbial communities, and to learn how to control their behavior and evolve useful phenotypes. For this purpose we are developing strategies to track population dynamics in these communities with high precision and to culture these communities in high throughput.


We are also very interested in understanding how changes in cellular behavior affect microbial ecosystems, and on the possibility of three-way interactions between phenotypic, evolutionary and ecological dynamics. Current projects include evolving microbial communities with useful community-level phenotypes, investigating the evolution of pubic good interactions in complex microbial communities, and exploring the role of complex, multi-species interactions in these communities.