Congratulations 2016 Rowland Fellows!

This year we are pleased to welcome -

Haotian Wang  "Developing Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts for Renewable Energy Applications" is from Stanford University, Stanford, CA.   

Katja Taute  "Optimality and Constraints of Bacterial Motility Strategies" is from FOM Institute, AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Daniel Congreve  "Manipulation of Excitonic Energy in Devices" is from MIT, Cambridge, MA.

Ye Tao  " '3D-AFM' for Heterogenous Materials" is  from ETH Physics, Zurich, Switzerland.

Latest News


October 30, 2015

RJF Qimin Quan and Yiying Zhang's invited article discusses the prospects of the lab-on-a-tip platform, where assays can be integrated on a miniaturized tip for in situ and in vivo analysis.


RJF SJ Claire Hur ends a successful fellowship! more information.

George Vanderpool  March 2, 1926 - October 14, 2015

It is with great fondness that we remember George Vanderpool.

Know your rights as an author.  

This link was provided through the ABCD mailing list with the suggestion to read the document and consider using it as a useful way to retain important authorship rights over all your research publications.